Professional Services Provided

With Ground Forces Lawn Care as your landscaping partner, you’ll have confidence that your lawn maintenance needs are being met to your satisfaction. As a valued Ground Forces customer you can expect superior service through our standard quality-control procedures, rapid response to concerns, well maintained equipment, and trained professional employees. We strive to provide cost effective solutions to protect and enhance our clients property value, appearance, and marketability.




Regular upkeep and maintenance of lawn and landscapes are a great way to preserve the attractiveness and value of any property. 

Our lawn maintenance services provide customers with a one stop company to tackle all the landscape maintenance issues so you can enjoy a colorful, healthy, and vibrant yard.

  • Lawn Mowing, Trimming, Edging, and Blowing of Hardscape Surfaces

  • Seeding

  • Fertilization

  • Weed Control

  • Mulching

  • Pruning

  • Hedge & Shrub Trimming

  • Seasonal Planting

  • Leaf & Limb Removal

  • Tree Removal & Debris Removal

Ground Forces Lawn Care provides landscape maintenance services to let its customers enjoy the incredible beauty of their lawn and landscape. From reseeding of unhealthy lawns to planting beautiful shrubs and colorful varieties of flowers, the company possesses in-depth knowledge and extensive landscaping experience to enhance the beauty of all types of landscapes. 

  • Landscape Design & Installation

  • Retaining Walls

  • Erosion Control

  • Tree, Shrub, and Plant Installation

  • Dirt Work & Excavating

  • Paver Patios, Walkways, & Hardscape

  • Drainage Installation

  • Flowerbed Design & Installation

  • Sod Delivery & Installation

We are very excited to offer our customers a unique product which only a handful of landscapers in the nation are trained to do. We are now offering custom landscape curbing. Not only does it raise your property value but drastically adds to your curb appeal. It also keeps mulch in place and weeds out. We have many styles and colors to choose from customized to meet your needs. 

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal Appearance

  • Property Value Investment

  • Beautifully Designed Stone

  • Custom colors to match your home

  • A durable product that will not fade